Chat with the SteamLUG Community

This page contains a webchat widget that you can use to connect to our IRC channel. Simply enter a nickname, fill out the captcha and click connect. If you plan to join us regularly, we recommend using a dedicated IRC client such as irssi, weechat or HexChat.

If you are new to our community, please take the time to read our short Code of Conduct :)

IRC Server
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You may also join our Matrix room, which is bridged to our IRC channel. For the most part, anything posted in one will appear in the other. Any Matrix-specific queries can be directed towards HER0_01 (aconrad103 [at] gmail [dot] com).

Matrix Room

Community Code of Conduct

The only rules are:

  • try to think before you speak (it's not that hard ^_^ )
  • be patient with and civil towards others (if you're getting cranky, take a break)
  • don't distribute inappropriate content (porn, warez, etc.)
  • keep your language in check (we have kids around)
  • no trades in channel (take them elsewhere)

Wantonly ignoring these guidelines may get you kicked or banned.

If you need assistance or want to report something, one or more of the following channel operators should be nearby:

Channel operators found to be abusing their status will have their op rights suspended.