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Season 03, Episode 17

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Sanatana Mishra and Tim Dawson of Witch Beam Games join our hosts to talk about Assault Android Cactus

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has been playing Crypt of the Necrodancer, Assault Android Cactus, Airscape and testing some Megasphere
bean () has been playing The Stanley Parable, Crimsonland, Coffin Dodgers, Risk of Rain, Monster Loves You! and Assault Android Cactus
has been playing Verdun, Risk of Rain, Crimsonland and Arma 3
has been playing DOTA 2 and some games at expos and conventions
hasn't had a lot of time but has been playing some Persona Q on the Nintendo 3DS and some Dungeon League

Chat With Special Guest Tim Dawson and Sanatana (Nart) Mishra of Witch Beam Games

The elevator pitch for Assault Android Cactus [source]
A little background on Tim
Started work as a cinematic artist for Ratbag Games [source]
After that, went to Team Bondi doing character work on LA Noire [source]
Moved on to Pandemic Studios and worked on a cancelled movie tie-in [source]
Met Sanatana while working at Creative Assembly [source]
Left their jobs in February 2013 to pursue independent development of Assault Android Cactus
Tim talks about the genesis of the Cactus character [source]
First Cactus artwork created in 2003
The other characters were created during the course of the game's development
Assault Android Cactus' relation to Antibody Boost [source]
Came out after work on Assault Android Cactus had begun
Was released entirely free on Android [source]
Thoughts on Early Access development of Assault Android Cactus
Reaction from players during Early Access was very positive
Daily Drive was a result of watching players during Early Access
Tim talks about creating the boss battles in Assault Android Cactus
Some interesting insight into large game development
Nart highlights some interesting milestones of Assault Android Cactus' development
Some moments that Tim found particularly interesting
Tim addresses the question of new players having a different experience than Early Access players
Cactus' main mechanic, "Aggression is life," separates it from other games in the genre
The launch trailer gives a first look at Assault Android Cactus' opening cutscene [source]
New EX modes in the official launch, like MEGA WEAPONS and the awful, awful normal-sized head mode [source]
The release from Early Access includes a secret ninth unlockable Android
Hurdles during development and how they were overcome to get the game to release
Some real surprises during the course of development
Appearance in the Steam Controller advertisement [source]
Community member Sylaris wrote a comprehensive game guide [source]
The future for Witch Beam Games

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Valve/Steam News

Steam Music in beta client adds more formats including FLAC and OGG Vorbis [source]
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Tech News

Wine 1.7.50 released - preliminary implementation of DirectX 11 [source]
nVidia GTX 950 is out [source]
Unity editor comes to Linux - experimental build now available [source]

General Gaming News

Duskers released to Early Access [source]
Megasphere Early Access (Steam and release with Linux support [source]
Universe Sandbox 2 in Early Access [source]
Project Cars news update, apparently the release is still coming, will be native [source]
Rocket League coming to SteamOS later this year [source]
Satellite Reign released out of Early Access [source]
Arma 3 is in beta [source]
Previous guest JP LeBreton has released a small example project using Playscii [source] [source]
Double Fine have announced a new game - might have a Linux version [source]
Obsidian Entertainment have spoken about their experiences with supporting Linux [source] [source] [source]
Starbound's Colony Update [source] [source]
Armello is out of early access [source] [source]


Everspace unlocked Linux stretch goal [source]


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