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Season 02, Episode 12

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Special Guests
John Warner


John, DerRidda, Nemoder and Cheese are joined again by John Warner from Over The Moon games to chat about The Fall's launch, Greenlight, demo and commentaries. We then go on to discuss Steam VR mode, GOG Galaxy, The Witcher, SteamBoy, Civilization V and Civilization: Beyond Earth. Holy poop!

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Cheese introduces...
Nemoder [source]
Special guest John Warner , who previously joined us for s01e10
9 months is how long it takes to hatch a game... and babies

Our Gaming

DerRidda has been playing The Fall, Civilization V and Shadowrun: Dragonfall!
johndrainkwater has been playing Civilization V and No More Room In Hell!
Cheese has been testing VVVVVV, Overgrowth, Snapshot, Sanctum 2, Hand of Fate and Crypt of the NecroDancer as well as playing Guns of Icarus Online, Spelunky, The Fall, The Plan, Kentucky Route Zero, TF2, BattleBlock Theatre, SpaceBase DF-9 and Shufflepuck Cantina!
Nemoder has been playing Factorio, Civilization V, Guns of Icarus Online, Planetary Annihilation and Papers, Please!
John Warner has been playing Kentucky Route Zero, Shadowrun and Uncharted 2!

Chat With Special Guest John Warner From Over The Moon Games

Development history of The Fall
The Fall on Kickstarter [source]
Harmony Arcade [source]
Cheese lent a hand during development to identify and address Linux specific issues
The Fall is coming to the Wii U
Unity 4.5.1 release [source]
Launching a game on Steam
Air Control [source]
Earth: Year 2066 [source]
The Fall was released on Steam on the 6th of June [source]
The Fall on Humble Store [source]
New trailer for The Fall [source]
"An experiment in narrative design - how we created The Fall" [source]
Wii U specific interface concerns
Receptions to The Fall
"... is a modern classic" [source]
" of the best games I've played" [source]
The Fall on Metacritic [source]
PCGamesN have since posted their review [source]
The Fall suffered some launch bugs
How is input from backers and post-launch players being handled?
Press interest helped shift the Kickstarter pitch focus toward Asimov style rules
Do you feel that over the last 8 to 9 months The Fall has taken directions that you didn't expect?
Was there much you had to cut out of the first part?
DeRidda worked on the revamped German localisation of The Fall
Elance [source]
What post-launch plans do you have for The Fall and its successor(s)?
Discussion of controls and input schemes
The Swapper [source]
"Did we just hear the ball pen clicking?"
Retrospectively, how do you feel that Greenlight went?
[source] The Fall on Steam Greenlight
Launch timing and collisions
The Forest [source]
Stomping Land [source]
DGMurdockIII asks in chat if a demo is planned for The Fall
Half-Life Uplink [source]
Blocks That Matter demo [source]
The Stanley Parable Demo [source]
More controls discussion
Cheese asks about a dangling plot thread
John asks what we think of creators giving commentary on their work
Portal [source]
Half-Life 2 [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past events:
Worms Reloaded [source]
Serious Sam 3 survival mode [source]
Team Fortress 2 [source]
No More Room in Hell [source]
Regular Guns of Icarus Online practice sessions [source]
Upcoming events
Post-cast Guns of Icarus Online event [source]
Awesomenauts [source]
BattleBlock Theatre [source]
Hammerwatch [source]
SteamLUG Cast's first anniversary! Season 1, Episode 1 was recorded on the 24th of May and published on June 5th s01e01
Half-Shot's second article on the F/OSS Radeon drivers [source]
Cheese finished streaming Kentucky Route Zero, Act III for the Double Fine Game Club [source]
SteamLUG website updates thanks to and
Twitter feed is on the news page again
iTunes feed should work again
Cast index page has been revamped
Cast pages have been revamped

Steam/Valve News

Client beta update allows pre-loading to any Steam library [source]
VR mode has been made available for Linux users [source]

Linux Tech News

Unreal Engine 4.2 release allows some dev tools to be build on Linux [source]
SteamBoy [source] [source]

General Gaming News

Age of Wonders III to be ported to Linux [source]
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is "coming to SteamOS" [source]
E3 gameplay footage [source]
Homefront: The Revolution is coming to Linux [source]
E3 gameplay footage [source]
GOG have announced GOG Galaxy, an optional Steam-like client [source]
"Galaxy is being done with PC, Mac and Linux in mind." [source]
Holy poop! Civilization V launches on Linux! [source]
Porting AMA [source]
The Witcher 2 [source]
Gameplay footage of Civilization: Beyond Earth [source]
Pandora First Contact [source]
Alienware announces a non-Steam Machine "Alienware Alpha" [source]
Nordic Games have renamed themselves to THQ [source]
Leszek Godlewski from Nordic Games joined us for s02e10
New Steam Greenlight batch has been approved with 30 games out of 74 featuring Linux support [source]
New Steam releases
Tex Murphy [source] [source] [source]
VVVVVV update includes a level editor, SDL2 support thanks to [source]
MMMMMM soundtrack [source]
Floating Point [source]
Crea [source]
Secret of the Magic Crystals - The Race DLC [source]
TowerFall Ascention [source]
DGMurdockIII mentions Will Fight For Food getting greenlit [source]
Will Fight For Food is already available for Linux on a number of other stores [source]

Crowdfunding News

FranknJohn [source]


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