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Season 02, Episode 04

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Matthew Howard Howard Tsao


Howard Tsao and Matthew Hartman of Muse Games are here to chat about Guns of Icarus Online and the challenges they came across in the process of deploying it to Linux. Afterwards, Cheese, Sword and John discuss the most recent SteamLUG events, Steam for Linux¿s 1st Anniversary, Greenlight titles, Bad Golf CE and more!

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Cheese introduces
Matthew Hartman Public relations specialist of Muse Games
Howard Tsao CEO of Muse Games

Chat w/ Howard Tsao and Matthew Hartman of Muse Games, Guns of Icarus: Online

What is Muse Games? [source]
Evolution of Unity over time (usability, robustness, platform compatibility)
Experience with deploying Unity games on other platforms
Exporting Linux builds in Unity
Unity Issue Tracker [source]
Crowdfunding experiences
Guns of Icarus Online (352% funded) [source]
GoIO Adventure Mode (198% funded) [source]
Guns of Icarus Online Adventure Mode
Development timeframe
Any chance of CreaVures or Guns of Icarus Classic coming to Linux?
Feedback from Linux players regarding GoIO
GoIO Flash Sale (66% off) on the Steam Holiday Sale Day 1 [source]
PewDiePie’s video about Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Daily Deal [source]
Be Mine 11 [source]
New types of combat/encounters
PAX East [source]
PAX Australia [source]
Eurogamer Expo [source]
gamescom [source]
Working remotely at Muse Games
How to reward and encourage teamwork among players
Steam Dev Days [source]
Oculus Rift support for Guns of Icarus Online

Our Gaming

Cheese has been playing Little Racers STREET, Guns of Icarus, Spelunky, The Plan, Hoard, Starbound, Surgeon Simulator, Octodad, Papers Please
Sword has been playing Rogue Legacy, CS:GO (using Steam In-Home streaming)
John has been playing TF2 and DOTA 2, Estranged Act 1, Guacamelee, Pixeljunk Shooter, Toki Tori, Hoard, Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, Portal 2, and CS BombGame with Xpoo

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Post-cast Dota 2 [source]
Overview of the matches [source] [source] [source]
L4D2 [source]
CS: S [source]
Hoard [source]
Upcoming Events:
Post-cast Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
No More Room In Hell [source]

Other Community Stuff:

Cheese wrote an article about managing LUGs and community groups [source]
SteamLUG Starbound server on the way thanks to Nemoder [source]
Cheese is coordinating a Double Fine community project to bring one of the unsuccessful Amnesia Fortnight pitches into reality (targeting Linux) [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam for Linux turns one! (57 titles on launch, 230 in November to over 300) [source] [source]
GitHub activity
Steamworks VR API [source]
Steam Dev Days videos now available [source]
Steam Dev Days YouTube playlist [source]
Steam tags [source]
Steam Tags: The Game [source]
Linux/SteamOS removed from Steam Store main menu bar
Client update includes fixes some streaming crashes [source]
SteamOS updates [source]
Mysterious upcoming feature [source]

Greenlight News

February 19th Greenlight titles [source]
Krita (GPL2 paint program) [source] [source]
Circuits [source]
TRI [source]
Hover: Revolt of Gamers [source]

General Gaming News

New Steam Releases:
Guacamelee [source]
The Swapper [source]
Little Racers STREET [source]
Papers Please [source]
Journal [source]
NS2 update {contains linux fixes for OOM + gtk errors on non-gtks} [source]
Nuclear Dawn stuck in beta, InterWave went out of business [source]
Mysterious Crytek SDK depot [source]
Godot Engine has now been open sourced (MIT licenced) [source]
Broken Age DRM free downloads are now available to backers/Humble purchasers [source]
Mode details on FTL’s upcoming expansion (new systems, ‘Hard’ mode) [source]
Humble stuff
Last Humble Weekly Sale: IndieCade; half supported linux, And Yet It Moves, Luxuria Superbia, Dear Esther [source]
Current Humble Weekly Sale: Adventure Company and Friends (3 out of 12 titles support Linux); The Raven, BoUT and BoUT:CC [source]
Humble Indie Bundle 11: Guacamelee, Dust, The Swapper, Antichamber, Monaco and Giana Sisters (Linux port coming ¿later this year¿) [source]


StarCrawlers - sci-fi first person roguelike [source]
Tabletop Simulator [source]
Book of Unwritten Tales 2 [source]

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