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A Nuclear Dawn is upon us edited by robertoszek

Season 01, Episode 14

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Special Guests
Nicholas Hastings (psychonic)


Cheese, John and DerRidda are joined by InterWave developer and Nuclear Dawn porter psychonic! Listen on as we chat about working with the Source engine, Unity, Dark Matter, Nuclear Dawn, Black Mesa, the Linux Game Awards, and more!

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Cheese introduces
attends to the cast
is also present
psychonic ([source]) join us

Interview w/ Special Guest Nicholas Hastings (psychonic), porter of Nuclear Dawn

The basics of Nuclear Dawn
Nuclear Dawn [source]
Previous experience
SourceMod [source]
Working with InterWave [source]
How long have you been working with InterWave?
Has working with the Source SDK on Linux differed from working with it on Windows? [source]
What aspects of Dark Matter did you work on?
Dark Matter [source]
Pros and cons of Unity [source]
Third-party audio libraries mentioned in s01e10
What are your opinions of Dark Matter now that it is released?
What sort of distros did you target when testing Dark Matter and Nuclear Dawn?
Is been a pleasant experience porting Nuclear Dawn to Linux?
Are there likely to be future InterWave games?
Would you recommend Source Engine to any indie developer for licensing?
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines [source]
Fistful of Frags [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past events
Dota 2 [source]
Painkiller with Linux porter Leszek Godlewski () [source]
Worms 18th Birthday Fun [source]
Monaco [source]
Upcoming Events
Dota 2 [source]
TF2 MvM (new maps) [source]
Hammerwatch [source]
Forced [source]
Secret of the Magic Crystals [source]

Steam/Valve News

Client update, overlay should restore gamma correctly now [source]
Steam Reviews [source]
Valve’s Anna Sweet says: ‘That would go against our whole philosophy, to launch something that’s exclusive to SteamOS or Steam machines.’ [source]
The second SteamOS console announcement (after Piston) [source]

Our Gaming

has been playing too much Dota 2, Hammerwatch and lots of Worms: Reloaded with Cheese and others
has been playing three humble games, TF2, Dota2, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation
He also got a new controller, and also been probing it for support.
Cheese has been playing Forced, Assault Android Cactus, Snapshot, Worms: Reloaded, Nuclear Dawn, Spacebase DF-9, TF2, Portal 2, The Cave, Superfrog HD, Glare, Monaco, Fez, finished Dark Matter
And he has been testing Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers and Gear Up
Psychonic has been playing lots and lots of Dota 2

General Gaming News

Black Mesa getting a full commercial release, using an unannounced engine… [source]
Hero-U demo is imminent (looks like they’ll be reworking the visual style of characters soon) [source]
Hammerfight now available [source]
Joe Danger officially announced [source]
HOARD spotted on steamdb [source]
XCOM: EU depots spotted in steamdb [source]
Linux Game Awards [source]
Assault Android Cactus has had a big update including a new character [source]
Steam keys for Battle Worlds: Kronos are now available for Kickstarter backers (and official site purchasers who bought the game pre-release) [source]
SCS Blender Tools [source]


Second Mesa driver improvement campaign by Timothy Arceri [source]
Previous campaign [source]
Red Baron failed kickstarter campaign [source]
Wings Remastered Edition [source]


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