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Season 01, Episode 13

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Special Guests
Sanatana Mishra


A lengthy cast with John, guest hosts @MimLofBees and @DerRidda, and special guest @SanatanaMishra from Witchbeam Games chats with us about Assault Android Cactus, SteamOS and more!

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Cheese introduces
joins us once again
Special guest from Witchbeam Games [source]
Technical difficulties have kept and away

Interview with Sanatana Mishra from Witchbeam Games

Witchbeam consists of , Tim () and Jeff ()
Jeff Van Dyck has composed music for a range of titles including Total War and Need for Speed [source]
Assault Android Cactus (AAC) is a manic twin stick shoot-em-up
Variety and distinction between levels
AAC has an all-female cast
Maintining unique and distinct mechanics for each playable character
joins the cast
Character diversity encourages replay
What tools are used in Cactus’ development?
Unity [source]
3D Studio Max [source]
Photoshop [source]
Blender [source]
Gimp [source]
Wasteland 2 [source]
Project Eternity [source]
Gimp: Single-window mode vs multi-window mode [source]
Hurdles and challenges during AAC’s development
Witchbeam’s previous free game, Antibody [source]
Pleasant surprises during AAC’s development
AAC at PAX Australia [source]
AAC at the Eurogamer Expo [source]
AAC Steam Discussion Hub [source]
‘Players are never wrong about how they feel’
Interpreting player feedback on in-development games was also discussed in s01e10
Multiplayer request thread [source]
S Rank [source]
Cheese reveals that he’s never encountered ‘S rank’ before AAC
Ikaruga [source]
Radiant Silver Gun [source]
Treasure [source]
Character voices
Response from Linux users has been mostly positive
Linux builds have had issues, but Linux feedback has been helpful
Linux ‘superfan’ has been writing detailed guides [source]
Might have sold more copies on Linux than Mac
‘I always wanted to support Linux’
AAC is tested internally on Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10, and externally on others
rejoins us after router problems
Pacing and spawn behaviours are determined by player actions
No random elements in the game
Assault Android Cactus demo on Steam [source]
Release is likely to happen in January
Expected weekly content updates between now and release

SteamLUG Community Stuff

TF2 Halloween eventy had a good turnout [source]
Worms: Reloaded event was fun [source]
Upcoming post-cast Assault Android Cactus event with developer [source]
Upcoming Monaco event [source]
Upcoming Painkiller event with Linux porter Leszek Godlewski [source]
Upcoming Dota 2 event [source]
Steam For Linux beta’s first anniversary stories [source]
/r/linux_gaming subredit Linux themed discussions [source]
Guns of Icarus Online training group [source]
Cheese’s Battle Worlds: Kronos (Battlekit Major Edition) unboxing video [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam Machine prototype coverage [source]
Is SteamOS something that AAC will be targeting? ‘We’ll be there at day zero for sure.’
How might mods and user created content be handled in SteamOS?
Should Steam Workshop provide a way to use 3rd party Linux supporting engines?
ScummVM [source]
OpenMW [source]
Official Steam group for In-Home Streaming [source]
Valve will be the only Steam Controller vendor [source]
GitHub activity has been ramping up and resulting in Linux related fixes
Recent client beta updates include:
Fixes copy and paste bug
Invisible window bug resolved
Download management revamp
Fixed images not displaying
Improved idle CPU usage

Greenlight News

November 12th Greenlight titles [source]
17 of 40 titles offering Linux support
Little Racers STREET [source]
Undead Overlord [source]
Pixel Boy [source]
CLANG [source]
Dark Matter [source]
Half-Life 2 and episodes get VR support on Linux [source]

Linux News

Nvidia new framebuffer capture library NvFBCOpenGL [source]

Our Gaming

has been playing Forced, Rift, Assault Android Cactus, Don’t Starve, The Sims 3 and Dead Space 2
has been playing L4D2, Metro Last Light, No More Room In Hell, Ticket To Ride and a Humble QA title
has been playing Dota 2, No More Room In Hell, Project Zomboid
has been playing Battlefield 4 and Rayman Legends
has been playing Assault Android Cactus, TF2, Glare, Worms: Reloaded, Monaco, Guns of Icarus Online, Spacebase DF-9, Dark Matter and Forced

General Gaming News

Metro Last Light has been released for Linux [source]
Project CARS [source]
Joe Danger [source]
Luxuria Superbia [source]
Total War: Rome 2 Linux announcement [source]
Humble Store is now live [source]
Blog post [source]
Humble Weekly Sale: bitComposer Games has two Linux games, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers and Expedititions: Conquistador [source]
Nuclear Dawn Linux beta is imminent [source]
New Splot screenshots surface [source]

Crowdfunding News

SCALE has been successfully funded and has reached its Rift stretch goal [source]
STASIS does not currently offer Linux support [source]
The Girl and The Robot has its second crowdfunding campaign running [source]
Dyscourse, a survival adventure game [source]
Paradise Lost: First Contact, a retro stealth platformer [source]
Hand of Fate, a card collecting/hack and slash hybrid [source]


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